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My little Justus was born with with a severe right side CDH in 2005. It was not diagnosed until birth, in an inadequate hospital in Alaska. With a zero percent chance of survival, and after the bad weather cleared .... 18 hours after birth.... He was life flighted to Emanuel. My wife, stuck in Alaska with PIH was unable to fly to Portland and unsure if she would ever hold her baby alive. He was pre ECMO and was scheduled to have the procedure on a Wednesday night, as I lay in my bed in the ladybug room at the NICU... That night, God touched my little man and stabilized him. No ECMO was needed.

My wife arrived at day 7, he underwent surgery on day 9 with Dr. Davis Bliss. Three months later he went home to Alaska. Six or so surgeries later, many hospital visits and a few failure to thrives...In May 2010, we moved to the Portland area where I continued my career. The move was to get him closer to medical resources.
He just turned 8 on March 13, 2013.

Free CDH Book

cdhbookThis patient guidebook is a free educational resource for families with a child who has Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). It includes text, illustrations and multiple videos on: What is CDH? Prenatal Diagnosis Pregnancy & Delivery Management Prenatal Fetal Intervention After-Birth Surgical Repair Long Term CDH Complications Home Care Support Resources Common Medications The guidebook is written and produced by the faculty and staff of the University of California, San Francisco (USCF) Pediatric Surgery